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We want to offer products and services that benefit the horse's and human wellbeing. And share with us our knowledge and experiences that we have gathered over the years with these wonderful animals. We want to protect the animals and nature on their terms And balance with inspiration from Ayurveda and Kinesiology.


image image image image image image image image image IMG_2627 (1) - kopia IMG_2632 - kopia IMG_2636 - kopia ENDURO WITH TRIAL SEAT BLACK AND PETROLIO CLASSIC DARK BRN AND NOCE WITH KR 25 image2 velour - suede - camoscio DSCF3516 DSCF3521 FREEFORM WESTERN DRESSAGE WITH PANELS images (1) m-543e9ab87c0f8 WESTERN AR CROCO LEATHER NEW SEAT IMG_0903 IMG_0899 IMG_0897 IMG_0898 COGNAC (2) FREEFORM SMALL BUTTERFLY NATURAL LEATHER WITH AVIO SEAT freeform west all round burgundy leather and blk calfskin seat VIRGINIA MODEL DARK BROWN m-543e9ab87c0f8 - kopia
Himalaya salt Himalaya salt

Innehåller ca 84 essentiella mineraler och spårämnen. Består till 98% natriumklorid, men tillför mycket sällsynta mineraler som är ett mycket bra näringskomplememt. Framtagen utan kemisk förarbetning och utan någon form av förorening eller tillsats. I regel tillfredsställer hästen sitt saltbehov själv genom fri tillgång av denna naturliga saltsten. Glöm inte att ta med saltstenen även på tävling.
9,9 eur

Freeform Classic calf skin
This is the best-selling model suitable for allround riding and here on the picture with extra knee support behind the leg and seat with support for optimal support.

PH Basic kit PH Basic kit

The basic package 8 selected products as below. Fits all ages and bodies
Kalk, Rosehip powder, flaxseed oil, Tea digestion, oats, Dinkelkli and pH sticks.
80 eur