Freeform Dressage cafskinn

Dressage seat with built-up seat, so you are sitting much narrower and get a good posture for dressage riding.

Freeform Classic cafskinn

An allround saddle with close contact with the horse

Freeform Classic BTF

suede / leather

An allround saddle with close contact with the horse.

The mock makes you stuck and does not slip.

Freeform High-quality. Soft and flexible but stable thanks to the aluminum arch that is secured in the seat forward and the filling of pressure relief foom, which is fully cast throughout the saddle base. It can be obtained after most requests when we have direct contact with the manufacturer and you usually have your saddle 6-8 weeks after your order unless holidays are between.
All saddles except western are available in three different lengths of standard 56cm, short back 51cm and extra short back 46cm and there are 15 "to 18" seats the largest of 46cm are 16.5 "and 51cm17.5" in all seats except ROL that is More spacious.
The saddle straps are in wide straps in a V so the pressure is distributed throughout the saddle as you tighten the strap and the ladders can move smoothly with velcro throughout the entire length of the seat, allowing you to get the best possible seat.
Western is available in two lengths of 62cm or 70cm long and the fork is available in four different widths, small, medium, large and x-large (more info about dimensions available under accessories. Panels to put all saddles except western for extra spinal relief ex. If you weigh over 80 kg or if the horse does not have enough muscle at the spine. All saddles are available in different colors as you can see under accessories.

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Freeform  ATTITUDE

Freeform Iclandic

Freeform  WAVE 


Freeform allround DKR whith Knee support with velcro that can be moved or changed to larger.