You can choose to add a nose job to your saddle if your horse has a well-marked man. Available in 9cm or 13cm long.

Choose what you want for material under your saddle. Mocka, fleece or symponova.

Panels with curb for easy fit. Sold in pairs.
Available in two lengths one to XSB and one for SB, ST.
NOTE! You need to have velcro on the underside of the saddle to attach the panels which can not be sewn afterwards but must be part of the manufacturing process.


Different knee rolls
Different knee rolls

Enduro panels with carbores for easy fit. Sold in pairs.

The saddle is available in three different lengths standard 56cm, short back 51cm and extra short back 46cm.
You can order extra large knee roll in the models in leather.

These colors can be chosen on the saddles and the two top maps are for calf skinn and the bottom of the suede.
Please email for more info and closer picture on single colors.n.

Choose embroidery for your western saddle.

This image describes the location of the color or material if you want a two-color saddle or a blend of leather and suede. 

Link below with a measure of the fork to the Western models but the best part is to make a template on how the horse's back looks and send it in the order, so it will be the right angle and size for your horse..

plate fore staps