The question to those who ride in bombless saddles
Why do you have a treeless saddle?
Because you have a horse with a flawed saddle mode.

Because my horses feel better and muscles better over their back.

Hard to find a suitable boom saddle. Notice that the horse is more comfortable with a btreeless saddle.

Because it is wonderful to ride miles after miles in.

Because the back moves when the horse collects, does not gather, bends etc and then the saddle must do it too.

After almost a whole life with a boom saddle I've found it right! Both me and my present horse enjoy the best with no boom. Maximum freedom for both horse and rider simply.

Because the result of muscles comes fast :) my horse is also growing up on every other thing. Great to avoid changing the saddle all the time when the horse changes and feels every movement the horse does.


Freeform is made in the best Italian leather filled with a stabilizing foam. The filling is a new revolutionary process in which foam is injected into the entire saddle base and not only in some parts to achieve perfect symmetry at the core of the saddle. The soft and flexible saddle allows the horse to move in the natural movement pattern. The horse's back can move in all directions and it is therefore important that the seat is flexible.

The Freeform saddle distributes the pressure across the saddle even around the chest and we tested this with a push PAD (PLIP) that showed that Freeform's saddles distributed the best of the non-bomber saddles on the market.

Freeform saddles are not "one size" fits all but because it is very flexible with an aluminum arch in front that you can adjust to the right size, it fits several horses in different sizes. The saddles look like traditional saddles to ride in, but you get better contact with the horse. Freeform saddles, like the English traditional saddles, have a good support and built-in seat, so it's not as wide as sitting on many other bomb-free saddle marks.

Freeform saddles are available in several different base models (standard 56cm, short back 51cm and extra short back 46cm). The total weight of the saddle with base and seat is very small about 3.5kg. The seat of the saddles can be removed and replaced with a large, strong velcro underneath. The sizes available on the seats are 15 "-19" to the standard base and 15 "-17" for extra and short back. The models on the seats available are Classic, flat / flat with support, enduro (distance), dressage, Iceland and attitude (BTF).

All the saddles are available in the following materials Italian calf leather, Italian suede, BTF (a mix of both suede and leather shoe (synthetic leather).