The seven tissues

There are seven tissues in the horse's body that will have nutrition. When the horse's digestion works optimally and all tissues work optimally, the horse is completely healthy. Each tissue has its own "fire" that takes care of the nutrient mass and then passes it to underlying tissue.
And here we see the importance of the digestion in the first line, so the stomach works, otherwise it will be disturbing all the way.

• Blood plasma, the clear fluid in the blood that transports the nutrients absorbed from the small intestine throughout the body. Especially the outer skin, the mucous membranes, the uterus, the uterus and the ovaries.
Fire water and soil are involved

• The red blood cells, the red blood cells, liver and bile. Senor and blood vessel.
Fire is involved

• Muscle tissue also includes the uterus, blood vessels, glands, bladder, colon and the heart. Other skin.
Water and Earth are involved

• Fat and hormones, and carbohydrate metabolism, metabolism. The liver, the fat tissues, the pancreas, the thyroid gland and the brain. Ligamen (leader).
Water and Earth elements are involved

• Legs, cartilage, teeth, man and hoofs.
Space and air are involved

• Bone marrow, central nervous system and immune system

• Reproductive tissues, egg cells and the tissues that support them.
Water and Earth elements are involved