Our Services

If you want to feel and squeeze our saddles we will be more than happy to give you a try on your horse. This is free and without bargain :)
We would like to go to all of Sweden, but maybe not just 80 miles for a horse, so please join us in a group that wants to check our saddles.

We can also provide services where we go out to the horse and treat and consult for a more balanced horse.

Equine massage

Horse massage and Elterapi to release muscle tension, increase circulation and thus get a softer and more prosperous horse.
I Jenny Hedström has been educated at UPH two years of education for the horse physiotherapy and has worked with it since 2011.
A treatment takes about one hour and costs 60eur plus milage 25,5eur / mile.
Book by mail or by tel. 0761403040

Health advice for horses

Advice on how to do a balanced horse, what imbalances the horse may have and advice on how to balance it in organ, mineral and structure.