The 5 elements

In order for both animals and nature to be in balance, it is important to go with nature's own elements. When it becomes unbalanced it is then there are different symptoms and it is the imbalance you want to correct not the symptoms.
It is a constant balance because nature's own elements vary from hour to hour, day by day and season for the season.
Below are the 5 elements and what you can do to keep them in balance

Air and Space

Find the air and space / space is the first two of the five elements. The properties here are dry, cold, light, subtle, moving, rigid, uneven and witty. The function is movement such as breathing, nervous system and circulation. Place in the body is in colon, nervous system and ears.
In the event of an imbalance in the air or space element, it may turn out to be an irregular bowel, anxiety and anxiety. Consult regularity, rest and warmth.


Fire is the third electricity meter. The property is hot, hot, fast and intense. Function is combustion. Place in the body is small intestine, liver / bile and skin. If the horse has oblans in the fire element, it may have stomach pains, inflammations or angry and grinning (liver) and skin problems. Advice moderation, relaxation, coolness and softness.


Water is the fourth element. The properties are rich, liquid, pale, cold and full. The function of the body is cleansing. Place in the body is kidney and urinary tract. Imbalance in the water element can be a problem with the kidneys The horse kisses too much or too little here too much of the cleansing happens so the kidneys are very important. Advice heat.


Earth is the last of the five elements. The properties are compact, stable, stable, soft, rough, slow and slow. The function is interrelated and constructive. Place in the body is stomach, lungs, airways and nose. Examples of imbalance in the soil element are mucus, inertia and obesity. Advice stimulus, activity and food with less sugar in.